#1 Compostellation

陈玺安 Zian Chen

Life of the Pilgrim

陈玺安 Zian Chen

The internal management of the church became increasingly excessive,

in spite of the dispersion of this generation.

Separatists appeared among moderate Evangelists.

they are keen on judging people’s strength and weaknesses with theological teachings,

especially for those thriving Charismatic congregations,

or even labeled them as “heresy”.

Certain leaders in the Charismatic movement became increasingly radical,

prosperity theology and radical mysticism corroded the church frequented by mostly young people,

they also spared no effort in blaming certain Evangelicals as the “poisonous type”,

the Pharisees of “Legalism”!

Naturalism and scientific supremacy have established a steady power of discourse in the upbringing of this generation.